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Knowing that the Groenkloof Residents’ Association has the support of the community makes our task so much easier – and we’re immensely grateful for that support.

If you’ve not yet joined the GRA, here’s why you should…



A Residents’ Association (RA) is a local group, made up of residents who represent the interests of everyone living in a particular area. Anyone can join, with membership being open to property owners and tenants. For an RA to be successful and effective, it must represent all residents in the area its serves; it must be welcoming, united and inclusive.


Coming together with other people who share our living environment means that we as Groenkloof Residents’ Association can positively influence and shape the quality of the services that the local community receives and improve the quality of life for all residents. We can achieve so much more when we speak with one voice.

Eugene Marais Park


The Groenkloof Residents’ Association consists of a group of volunteers residing in Groenkloof who work together to make our neighbourhood a sought after, friendly, safe, clean and welcoming place to live and work.

Community parks in Groenkloof


We look at the whole of Groenkloof, not just the village. We investigate illegal businesses. We work with other Residents’ Associations where we fight for a common goal. We focus on traffic issues, town planning, waste removal, community engagement, water issues, environmental affairs, missing pets, conservation, history and heritage, noise pollution and land use issues.

As your Residents’ Association, we strive to:

  • Represent the interests of the residents in Groenkloof e.g. with the City of Tshwane;
  • Be an information hub for our community;
  • Mobilise the community around issues that affect us all;
  • Increase everyone’s sense of belonging to a community; and
  • Support community initiatives and share knowledge and expertise.

We care

The GRA works with the City Council to resolve maintenance and clean-up matters in order to retain and improve Groenkloof as a quality residential suburb.

We deliver

We have assigned committee members to take care of specific aspects of life in our suburb, from waste disposal to streetlights.

We help

We’re here to represent you and be your voice at a municipal level. Email us at or visit our Facebook page



Groenkloof Safety Initiative (GSI)

The GSI is responsible for the safety and security in the village and actively works with the SAPS to reduce crime in our suburb. They manage the Monitored Access Project (security guards, guard houses, booms and entry points).

The GSI also shares information on suspected recent crimes and suspicious activity in the area, via SMS and the GSI Facebook page

The Groenkloof Residents’ Association and Groenkloof Safety Initiative collaborate in the interests of Groenkloof property owners by focusing on matters such as zoning applications and combating illegal activities that may affect property values.

To become part of the GSI initiative or for any GSI Safety and security issue or queries please contact Graham de Lange – 066 304 6611

Friends of Groenkloof Nature Reserve (FGNR)

The FGNR is involved in the conservation of the parks in the suburb and works hard to keep the area clean and a joy to live in.

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